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Located in the heart of Nashville, TN, GRANDROCK is a new kind of 3PL specializing in the arrangement of containerized freight.

We leverage a highly efficient carrier network and industry-leading technology to provide our partners with an expedited, cost effective solution to the congestion at our ports.

Enter: GRANDROCK Freight Co.

A Friend To Forwarders

International supply chains are complex. We understand that as a freight forwarder, its your job to make it simple. Easier said than done.

Like a well oiled machine on jet fuel, our team of brokers will organize all the moving parts, so that by the time your container reaches US soil, your work is done.

Anything your broker can do, we can do better.

Our Service & Technology

Our robust carrier network regularly services the Eastern United States’ busiest container yards.

With experiene hauling auto parts, heavy machinery, and chemicals, there’s no container we can’t pull, no storage we can’t secure, and no load we can’t deliver.

You will also have access to our customer portal that provides real-time tracking, rates, and relevant documentation at the touch of a button.




when you fly GRANDROCK, you fly first class.

Built Different

With a turbulent economy, outdated infrastructure and greedy steamship lines making it harder than ever to pull your freight, you need someone on the inside – someone with the connections and resources necessary to ensure that your freight is made a priority. We’re going to give you exactly that.

We’re talking about the industry equivalent of a FLASH Pass at Six Flags – all gas, no brakes, and most importantly, no more headache with the Steamship Lines. If there is any demurrage or per diem at all, we pay for it ourselves. You can thank us later.

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