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Our Philosophy

In just our short time in the industry, we’ve learned that consistent, dependable service starts with the men and women behind the wheel. A broker is only as good as his carriers, after all.

We quickly found that through prioritizing generosity and respect for our carriers, we incentivized performance. The carriers enjoy working with us, and as a result, our customers receive great service. Win/win.

So far, this ‘bottom-up’ approach has enabled us to establish strong drayage and warehousing partnerships at every container yard east of the Mississippi, and we’re just getting started.

supply chains can have environmental and social impacts.

Our Philanthropy

Here at GRANDROCK, we believe that transportation and logistics companies of the future will play a significant role in providing innovative and sustainable solutions to help mitigate these impacts.
That’s why we partnered up with Greenspark, a company dedicated to helping businesses offset their carbon footprint, one planted tree at a time. When you #flyGRANDROCK, you’re saving the planet.

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Pat Williams

Co-Founder | PRESIDENT

Pat hails from The University of Mississippi where he studied to become an accounting extraordinaire. After flexing his analytical muscles in Atlanta, Pat moved to Nashville to help co-found GRANDROCK and serve as our unwavering CFO. Pat is a die-hard Braves and Rebels fan, and an exemplary golfer to boot. Pat never misses a beat and gets every penny where it needs to be on time and on target.

Daniel Beard

Chief operating officer

The longest tenured member of the GRFC team is COO, Daniel Beard. Daniel also attended the Brock School of Business, but unlike John, used his business acumen to parlay his way into a role in entertainment as a tour manager for some country music heavy-hitters. Daniel has settled in comfortably to his role at GRANDROCK and the thing he enjoys most about his job is using his exceptional people skills to make connections with customers and carriers to ensure the best possible service for all involved. 

Cole Mitchell

sVP - hazmat

Cole Mitchell is a fellow native of Montgomery, AL and went to High School with the co-founders. Cole graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Finance, and moved to Birmingham soon thereafter. He’s a big fan of minor league sports, particularly the Birmingham Squadron and Barons, and he dominates the links like his name is Cole “Robert Trent Jones” Mitchell. Cole specializes in Haz-Mat

Chance Young


At the ripe old age of 30, Chance is Grandrock’s timeless sage. His experience in logistics and his penchant for building relationships with our customers is second to none. While he may often forget the password to his computer, he will never forget to brighten your day with a joke and a smile. During his tenure with his previous employer, Chance was the number one closer in the company for a full year – and he never looked back. 


With a turbulent economy and outdated infrastructure, making it hard to pull your freight, you need someone on the inside. We understand that now more than ever, time is money.


Flexible, on-demand capacity for any mode of transportation.

Integrated with project44 – the most advanced supply chain visibility platform to date.

Highly responsive point of contact.

All-in rates, NO surprise accessorials. What you see is what you get.

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